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“補品心態”,作為獲得健康的捷徑不一定對健康有什麼益處。對基督徒而言,屬靈生命的健康和成長也要當心這種“補品心態”,這種心態可能是熱衷於某些名牧的洞見和點撥,或者追求提高“能力”或“影響力”蹊徑。 […]

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Devotion is a training(Heavenly Baby)

For a very long time, “Daily devotion” has become a promise to God I was unable to keep. Every year I made a plan; but regretfully, my yearly plans were all transformed into the next year’s New Year Resolution. I have found many excuses to comfort myself: my work is too busy, my learning is too busy, my serving is too busy, my body is too weak, I lack suitable material, etc. At last, I gradually found out the root cause of my delinquency. […]