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依我個人看來,中國人未來的20-30年所面臨的神學挑戰是艱巨的。那將是莊稼收割的時節,重任可想而知。作為中國的年輕一代學人,如果看不到這樣的異象,不為未來做好預備,則一切都將成為紙上空談。 […]

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Commotion about Us –Images of Returnees (1)

Editor’s Note: In the last few issues we have published articles on recommended preparations for persons who have decided to return to China. Starting from this issue, we continue to publish articles of returnee’s experience, to help us appreciate in real terms the problems they might face once returned, as well as their struggles. This article is excerpted from our Returnee’s Handbook. […]