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在福音聯盟的一個部落格(博客)“為什麼靈恩派與加爾文派需要彼此”中,亞當∙馬布瑞牧師(Adam Mabry)講到在他植堂時,基督徒之間因拒絕合作所造成的損害。  […]

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在1915至1923年期間,土耳其種族滅絕亞美尼亞150萬人。何以鄂圖曼帝國(Ottoman Empire,土耳其的前身。1299–1923。編註)要種族滅絕亞美尼亞人?
有學者專家說,這是一場聖戰。要知道,亞美尼亞是全世界最古老,也是第一個基督教國家,而鄂圖曼帝國信仰伊斯蘭教。也有學者專家,這是民族主義或是當時其他政治因素引起的,與信仰無關…… […]

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To Speak the Truth in Love(Bei-her)

I can still remember that when we started to serve in our church, an elder in Christ wrote a letter to us. He said, “After you served for a while, you may discover that the greatest hurt comes not from the non-believers, not from those opposed to Christianity, but from the brothers and sisters who are dearest to you…” […]

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Gardens, Denominations, the Heart of Christ(Tsai Sheun-Ching))

  I grew up in Shanghai, a very big city. After I arrived in the United States I studied in Los Angeles, another very big city. When I graduated, I longed for a simple country life in a small town. I prayed for a while, and the Lord led me to a small city in Washington State with a wonderful environment. A few years later, I bought a country style farmhouse in a wooded garden area. […]


莫說不能 ──合一的祕訣:謙卑(心漁)

然而,當我思考教會內部合一的可能性時,發現“合一”根本不是人可以“做”的事。耶穌祈禱“我在他們裡面,你(上帝)在我裡面,使他們完完全全的合而為一”(《約翰福 音》17:23)祂的禱詞指出,信徒合一的前提是讓基督住在裡面。人成為基督徒,就進入與耶穌基督的關係中,而這份關係也包括在言行思想上順從聖靈的引 導。 […]